Brief Description

The Planning and Projects Department is an essential part of Nile Petroleum Corporation as it assists Nile Petroleum Management in setting out long and short term plans, preparing the annual budget & work programme, reports, strategies and developing corporation policies. Furthermore, the department is responsible for negotiation of projects, supervising any construction or maintenance work being undertaken by the Corporation.

Planning and Projects Core Functions

The Departments core functions:

  • Planning & Projects Department is the service department which provides technical support to all Nilepet Departments with particular linkage to procurement in acquiring and maintaining assets.
  • The Department examines and challenges the Bill of Quantities (BOQs) presented by the vendors, either as part of procurement committee or independently.
  • The Department negotiates projects, manages projects, and supervises construction, maintenance and civil works being undertaken by the Corporation.
  • The Department assists the Nilepet Senior Management in setting out long and short term plans of the Corporation (vision, mission, service standard, strategic plans etc.).
  • The Department calls and chairs the budgeting process of the Corporation through departmental budget working groups.
  • The Department is responsible for the consolidation of the Corporation annual reports.
  • The Department is responsible for Corporation policy development.
  • The Department is responsible for business development and scientific research to inform the policies and strategies of the Corporation.
  • Planning & Projects Department reports to Corporation MD/CEO.

Planning and Projects Main Activities

  • Preparation of Budget and Work Programmes for all Nilepet Departments and Directorates
  • Preparation of quarterly reports and annual reports
  • Development of strategic plans and monitoring & evaluation tools
  • Development of Business Plans for Nilepet businesses and investments
  • Preparation of presentation for strategic conferences
  • Evaluation of Nilepet strategic projects
  • Revision of Bill of Quantities s for the construction projects
  • Supervision of the construction projects
  • Management of Nilepet projects

Sections of Planning and Projects

Planning and Projects Department has two sections namely planning and projects. Planning Sections has experts in planning, strategy, budgeting, business development and M & E. Projects Section host civil, architecture, site and project engineers.

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