Background of Legal Administration

The National Petroleum and Gas Corporation of South Sudan existed as idea since 1994 SPLA/M Chukudum Convention. The Convention established National Liberation council (NLC) and National Executive Council (NEC). Under NEC number of Commissions were established, among them was Natural   Resources Commission. In 2003, it was renamed Nile Petroleum and Gas Corporation Ltd, established under the Laws of Civil Authority of Sudan New Sudan.

In 2005, NILE PETROLEUM AND GAS CORPORATION LTD was incorporated and established under the Laws of the Southern Sudan during the CPA, to represent and to take care of the Government interest in the Oil sector. In 2003, Nile Petroleum and Gas Corporation Ltd Negotiated Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) with a White Nile Company (UK) and awarded Block (B) in Jonglei State. In 2005, Nile Petroleum and Gas Corporation Ltd negotiated EPSA with a Moldova Company, ASCOM and awarded contract in Block B2 in Jonglei State.

In 2005, the Ministry of Petroleum was established with the establishment of the Government of the Southern Sudan as a regulatory authority and NILEPET continued as a commercial entity representing government interest in all consortiums in the Oil sector.

The Legal Administration is one of the Nile Petroleum and Gas Corporation leading directorates. This directorate oversees legal issues, exercises all powers reasonable and fulfils other legal functions as mandated by law. Legal Administration represents NILEPET in consortiums and provides legal opinion during negotiations leading to conclusion of Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (EPSAs) and contracts between Nile Petroleum Corporation and partners. Legal Administration also reviews and recommends opinion on agreements, contracts and documents for approval or disapproval to Nile Petroleum. In addition, Legal Administration represent Nilepet in arbitrates and settlement of disputes among the NILEPET with employees and with Nilepet and, Nilepet with other subsidiaries and companies or partners and advising the Corporation in its daily activities.

Sections of Legal Administration

Litigation Section:

Legal Administration represents NILEPET before all courts or any other legal proceedings either for or against the Corporation. Legal experts from this section make statements therein and submit recommendations to Managing Director &Chief Executive of NILEPET. This section is responsible for arbitration and settlement of disputes between Nilepet and employees and among NILEPET’s employees and other subsidiaries.

Contract Section:

This section represents Nilepet in negotiation, discussion and contracts in drafting and makes legal opinion for NILEPET in all negotiations. It reviews and recommends agreements, contracts and documents for approval or disapproval to Nile Petroleum.

To mitigate any legal risk through procurement process by reviewing an agreement and making an assurance of the procurement activities.

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