Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is the most important part of our business. Therefore, it is the HSE Directorate obligations to support NILEPET aspirations for operations by ensuring both NILEPET and contractors will strictly comply with the applicable guidelines for the safety of employees, locals, assets and the environment in general.

NILEPET HSE Policy will be applied across NILEPET concession area and is designed to help protect the people and the environment.

Our commitment and HSE policy will reflect the integrated way we work in all NILEPET areas of health, Safety and Environment. All NILEPET Contractors and Joint ventures working within our concession areas must manage HSE in line with our commitment and HSE Policy.

In this we shall plan and aim to have HSE performance we can be proud of, to attract the confidence of customers, shareholders, to be good neighbors with the communities around and eventually contribute to sustainable development.

Three main HSE documents will be developed (thus, Level 1, 2 & 3) which will be made up of the HSE Management Systems (HSEMS), HSE Procedures, Standards and Regulations.

HSEMS will be developed in accordance with the requirements of National and international standards and laws.

The HSE Management System yet to be developed will comprise of a hierarchical structure of processes and documentation to determine, plan and manage activities which will aim to ensure the Health and safety of the employees, visitors, contractors and the sustainability of the environment. This will be done through the identification of hazards and risks and the appropriate control measures instituted will be in place.

HSE Directorate is headed by the Director General and deputized by two directors. Hence, the Directorate is divided into (3) three sections namely:

  • Safety Management
  • Health Management
  • Environment Management


Activities of HSE Directorate

  • Supports the Top Management in the HSE Policy and Guidelines issue.
  • Supports the Top Management in the Organization roles and responsibilities definition, for what concerns HSE aspects.
  • Supports the Top Management in the HSE Management System standard issue.
  • Ensures, in accordance with the corporate guidelines, the implementation, updating, review and auditing of the Company HSE Systems.
  • Monitors the effective implementation of appropriate Health, Safety and Environment System procedures and provide for their updating in line with changes in Legislation and Company Directives.
  • Provides for motivation and familiarization of all Company personnel respecting the importance of complying with Company system procedures and all Safety equipment provided.
  • Assists the Commercial, Engineering and Operations Department in their dealings with Clients in all issues concerned with Health and Safety at work.
  • Conducts HSE audits both internal and external.
  • Takes part in accident / incident investigation.
  • Carries out analysis of accident / incident statistics, identifying trends and suggesting improvement plans.
  • Provides technical support to Senior Management on any HSE related subjects.
  • Carries out any in-house HSE training.
  • Carries out safety audits on Sub-contractors.
  • Liaises between Clients on HSE related issues.
  • Advise on the related HSE input into new projects and modification programs.
  • Participates to HAZOP meetings prior to procurement and installation activities.
  • Performs Risk Assessment.
  • Preparation of Health, Safety and Environment documentation for new tenders.
  • Provides Safety support and advice, including supervision on preparation of plans and procedures for initial contract start up activities.

HSE Directorate Mandate

Design safety training programs for employee and ensure response to all specific requirements and maintain knowledge of all company safety programs and draft all materials for training programs within required time frame.

Prepare all HSE training program according to required regulations and prepare schedule of all training programs and ensure all employees receive appropriate training and participate in various committee meetings for site.

Maintain safety regulations in compliance with all local departments and inspect all fire protection equipment to ensure proper working and document same.

Supervise management of all hazardous waste and maintain records of same and evaluate all air and storm water permits and maintain documents for same and ensure compliance to all HSE programs.

Develop and recommend improvements to all Quality Management Systems and develop and implement efficient global operations emergency response plans and ensure adherence to all federal and state regulations.

Provide support to execution of all global operation emergency response plans and manage all emergency situations and design solutions to all issues and design required business tools and execute all HSE procedures and policies.

Monitor all HSE procedures and recommend strategies to avoid all accidents and implement all health and safety hazards for all sites.

Monitor all conservation and protection programs and maintain hygiene at facility at all times and prepare required status reports.

Manage HSE communication strategies and prepare required newsletters and design and implement an efficient site safety training programs and perform investigation to eliminate all issues.

Participate in all site HSE committees and analyze all job hazards activities and ensure compliance to all OSHA guidelines and perform audit on all activities.

HSE Directorate Sections in Brief

Safety Management

This Section of the Directorate develops procedures and plans to ensure that NILEPET employees, contractors and assets are safe. The section drives the message and develop system to ensure that employees and contractors are working in a safe working environment.

Health Management

This section is responsible for promoting the health of NILEPET employees through the effective occupational management practices. Emphasis will be put on caring the lives of employees by paying great attention to their health.

It provides leadership in the areas of medical surveillance, facilitates the treatment of occupational illness and injuries.

It works to implement occupational health management system and support management on all health matters, promoting medical, occupational and public health to fulfill the vision of achieving employees’ wellness while facilitating to provide quality medical, therapeutic, prevention and emergency medical care through competent medical insurers.

Environment Management

The section focuses on environmental protection as its top priority to ensure the environment is safe. This will be done by strictly following the environmental protection laws and regulations, with emphasis on identifying hazardous materials and put in control measures.

HSE Guiding Principles:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements. We will evaluate our HSE performance by monitoring ongoing performance results and through periodic management reviews.
  • Support and promote sound scientific principles and fiscally responsible public policy that enhance environmental quality, health and safety.
  • Advocate the adoption of prudent environmental, health and safety principles and practices by our contractors, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Communicate environmental, health, and safety policies and programs to our employees, contractors, customers and stakeholders.
  • Design, manage and operate our facilities to maximize safety, promote energy efficiency, and protect the environment.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of their role and responsibility to fulfill and sustain NILEPET’s environmental, health and safety management systems and policy.

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