Nile Petroleum Corporation (NILEPET) Ltd was initially established in 2003 under the Civil Authority for New Sudan (CANS) to link the oil companies with CANS, the then civil government in the liberated areas of South Sudan. On 1st June 2009, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development of South Sudan incorporated NILEPET as a state-owned National Oil and Gas Company of South Sudan under the 2003 New Sudan Companies Act.

The National Petroleum and Gas Corporation of South Sudan, existed as idea since 1994 SPLA/M Chukudum Convention. The Convention established National Liberation Council (NLC) and National Executive Council (NEC). Under NEC a commission was called Natural Resources Commission. In 2003, it was then renamed Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd, under the Laws of New Sudan.

After 2005, the Ministry of Petroleum remained as a regulatory authority and NILEPET continued as a commercial entity representing government interest in all consortium in the Oil sector.

The Corporation was governed by Petroleum Act, 2012 until the enactment of the National Petroleum and Gas Corporation (NILEPET) Act, 2019.


Nile Petroleum Corporation (NILEPET) as established vide the section 13 (1) of 2012 Petroleum Act, has a mandate of participating in the upstream, midstream and downstream activities of oil and gas of the petroleum sector on behalf of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan. As of now, NILEPET is a vibrant National Oil and Gas Company of South Sudan with Eight (8) active Joint Ventures.  



A leading and a competitive integrated oil and gas corporation of choice in South
Sudan, operating with focus on profitability, environmental sustainability and social


To enhance sustainability and growth of oil and gas industry in South Sudan through
effective and efficient exploration, development, production and marketing of the
petroleum products while safeguarding the national interest and guaranteeing higher
returns for the nation, through social responsibility and environmentally friendly

Core Values

In pursuing the Corporation goals and objectives while dealing with our internal and
external environments and partners, we shall, at all times, champion the following
core values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Creativity & Innovativeness
  • Teamwork
  • Reliability
  • Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Performance
  • Quality Services

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