By Ustaz Manyok Elijah Dut

0n 23rd March 2022, the Management of Nile Petroleum Corporation joins the world in marking the International Women and Mothers’ Day at the Nile Petroleum Training, Research and Data Center in Juba, Republic of South Sudan under the Theme “Breaking the Bias against Women.” The event brought together women from all walks of life to celebrate, share their experiences with their men counterparts.

The Chief Executive Officer Hon. Dr. Chol Deng Thon Abel graces the function and encourages Nile Petroleum Women to embrace Education as they work for the development of the Country. ‘This Day is for everyone because all of us are born by women and no one can detest this foundation fact!’ Dr. Chol Deng Thon emphasized. The commemoration of Women’s Day showcases the commitment of the Managing Director in ensuring that women are respected, protected, and their rights is preserved within the oil and gas sector and across the country in different institutions.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation applauses the role of women in nation building and ensuring that modern homes are livable and peaceful. He (Dr. Chol Deng T. Abel) promises to support women who are pursuing their academic in his capacity as the Managing Director. He says “My Administration will make sure that women who are pursuing their Diploma or degree programs are supported. “You will be given a reasonable amount of money for your tuition fee and that will be closely monitored through your academic performances. This is to ensure that you don’t take Corporation’s efforts for granted.” Dr. Chol Deng announced.

Nilepet’s Success

Furthermore, Hon. Dr. Chol Deng, the CEO/MD of the Corporation briefed the audience about the successes of the Corporation citing that the Refinery is now functional and that its impacts will soon be realized if the road networks to the markets are finalized and the refined oil product is transit to the sale destination. ‘There are two primary routes that the management is committed to finishing for easy transportation of the refined oil; river transport which will be ready soon as river dredging is done and road network which is likely to be accomplished’ the Managing Director explained.  ”In addition to this, once the refined oil reaches sale points and particularly Juba, the company will supply Ezra Electricity Company with Diesel for its power generation so as to reduce the cost of electrification at approximately thirty percent (30%) and this will be realized by the citizens in transport cost, food prices and mostly reduction in the cost of living” Dr. Chol illustrates.

MD is praised for his efforts

The Chairlady (Madam Mary Gatluak) of Nile Petroleum Women Association (NPWA) applauses the role played by the Managing Director in support of women within the Corporation and also credits the Directorate of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs in Conjunction with Women Association for making the Function colorful and worth celebrating. She presented to the CEO/MD of Nile Petroleum Dr. Chol Deng Thon Abel a group of women graduands in various specializations from different Universities but have also been working at the Corporation. Majority of the women presented as successful career-achievers have been working as unclassified staff and have eventually risen to higher positions upon graduation. ‘This is an achievement that we (Women of Nile Petroleum) attribute to you, Dr. Chol’ she acknowledged. The women representatives summarized their thoughts as;

      Imagine a gender equal world.

        A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

          A world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.

           A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

              Together we can forge women’s equality

                collectively we can all


 Last but equally important, the CEO/MD of Nile Petroleum asks the employees of the Corporation to stop hatred, bitterness and work together for the common good of the institution so that the mission and objectives of the Corporation are achieved. Politicking and blackmails cannot help this institution only cooperation and hard work can enable us do even more. “Every institution has its guiding principles and these must be observed by all the workers of that particular institution and Nile Petroleum is not an exception” He emphasized.

Conclusively, the commemoration of the International Women and Mothers’ Day brought with it a handful of tokens and donations to various orphanages and hospitals as a giving-back-to-the-community etiquettes of the Corporation ( a Corporate Responsibility) of Nile petroleum Corporation and the Chief Executive Officer decreed it to be done thrice a year and across the country so that the role of the Corporation in Human Development is realized by all the target beneficiaries regardless of their location and proximity to the capital city, Juba.

Happy Women/Mothers’ Day


Ustaz Manyok Elijah Dut is a Staff Writer and Editor of Nile Petroleum Corporation, Directorate of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs