The Refineries is part of the Downstream Directorate of Nile Petroleum Corporation. The department is staffed by specialized personnel headed by Director for Refineries.

South Sudan currently has no domestic refining capacity and relies on imported petroleum products from Kenya and international markets. With the current demands and buoyant market for petroleum products in South Sudan, construction of refineries becomes important undertaking and of national strategic interest.


The department is responsible for capital investments, operation/maintenance and management of petroleum refining facilities and is the Technical Authority (TA) for NILEPET Refineries and associated facilities.

NILEPET has laid several cornerstones for the construction of refineries in the country. NILEPET has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (UoM) with South African government in 2019 for investment in Refinery.

Below is the list of proposed South Sudan’s future refineries:

  • Thiangrial refinery,
  • Akon Refinery
  • Paloch Refinery
  • And Pagak Refinery

Feasibility Studies for some of the proposed refineries have been completed and awaiting further investment decisions.


The Bentiu refinery is a modular refinery with three blocks. The first block has the capacity to produce 5,000 bb/d of diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) and naphtha.

Restoration work for the refinery is at an advanced stage with commissioning of the first block scheduled before the end of 2020. The construction of Bentiu Refinery is being undertaken by Russian Company (Safinat Group).

The Bentiu Refinery is located in Block 1,2 & 4 operated by GPOC. It’s located 5 km from Unity Field Processing Facility (FPF).


Whether considering investment in refineries or associated facilities, South Sudan presents massive investment opportunities with high returns.

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