Community development department activities encompass planning and design, neighborhood planning, zoning and development reviews including staffing planning Board, demographic and geographic analysis, development of parks and open space, and graphic design.

The staff provides planning services that enhance the overall livening environment of the diverse population around the oilfields. The division strives to enhance relationships with residents and Operating-Companies. The CDD aims to expand participation in the planning process by providing information to community residents around oilfields and identifying appropriate compensations to property owners, neighborhood groups and developers. The programs and services provided by the division fall within the followings areas of Oils-Fields

  • Parks and Playgrounds :-

Community planning staff conducts open space planning throughout the areas and engages in constructions and renovations of projects for community residents around oil-fields.

  • Facts and Maps: -

Community planning staff uses wide range of data sources to develop planning information for Department and public use.

Community planning staff of CDD works on many fronts to help the community residents to prepare for the future safety guidelines and reviews to assess the risks that may face patients in hospitals. On zoning and Development, community planning staff provides professional support on matters related to zoning policy and regulations. The department staff also reviews proposed projects as a reflection of CDD planning ongoing works which help to guide future progress activities.

The Main Activities

The community Development Department primary activity is planning especially on assistance to those under the threat of waste materials from the oilfields. In addition, CDD staff enlightens communities around oilfields on protections from hazards on the approvals from NILEPET Managing Director/CEO.

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