Procurement and Logistics Department provide guidance and assistance to all NILEPET directorates and departments to ensure that their purchase dollars & pounds are spent in a manner that provides the best value for money to the corporation. Procurement and Logistics department also facilitates the acquisition of appropriate supplies, equipment and services for NILEPET while maintaining open, fair and competitive processes.


The goal of the Nile petroleum Corporation in Procurement and Logistics Department is to provide guidance and assistance to corporate departments that will ensure their purchase dollars & pounds are spent in a manner that provides the best value for money to the corporation.

Also facilitates the acquisition of appropriate supplies, equipment and services for the company while maintaining.


Objective Statement

  1. To understand right business requirements’ specifications that result to purchase of products and services at the right price, right quality, right quantity, deliver at the right time, from the right source and to the right user.
  2. To manage the procurement and logistics process and supply base efficiently and effectively.
  3. To develop strong relationships with suppliers and other departments at Nile Petroleum Corporation to achieve greater understanding of requirements and integration of pro-active communication and information sharing.
  4. To develop purchasing strategies that support organizational strategies such as monitoring supply markets and trends, supporting the organization’s need for a diverse and globally competitive supply base and quality reporting as required and continued improved communication for decision making.
  5. To adopt technologies for insights into supply market, supplier performance, and business buying behavior.

Environmental & CSR Statement

  • To assist the NILEPET operations with buying goods and services from potential suppliers who share our environmental concern.
  • To maximize our vendors’ value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage while maintaining Nile Petroleum Corporation’s reputation.
  • Our procurement decisions will respect and support the environment and our company’s goal to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • To assist the NILEPET activities in relation to community deliverable through corporate social responsibility.

Procurement and Logistics Activities

  • Promoting the strategic sourcing of necessary goods and services that meet the Nilepet’s requirements for value, quality, and timeliness.
  • Processing purchase orders to outside vendors and internal documentation.
  • Processing, routing and executing purchasing related contracts.
  • Negotiating prices with vendors to support cost-saving initiatives.
  • Follow up the processed payment for all vendor invoices.
  • Promoting sustainable practices in support of our Corporate-wide commitments to reduce the Nilepet community’s carbon footprint.
  • Facilitate ordering, shipping and receiving of goods and services to the Nile Petroleum Corporation branches and departments.
  • Follow up taxes exemption from Custom Authority.


Professional Statement

Our staff of experienced, certified professionals understands that a smile and a friendly manner—especially when combined with reliable service--makes for a higher-quality Corporate’s experience for everyone.


Procurement Philosophy and Governing Principles

  • To secure the “Best Value for Money” in procurement of materials, equipment and services. In this context “Best value for money” takes into consideration of all commercial and technical factors. All procurement shall be on arm’s length basis and obtained as a result of competitive bidding.
  • To conduct procurement activities effectively, demonstrating the highest standard of integrity and professionalism and in accordance with NILEPET’s objective.
  • To encourage, develop and promote effective local South Sudanese participation in the oil and gas industry, in terms of manpower and
  • To ensure that activities throughout the tendering process are conducted in a fair, transparent and reliable.

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