NILEPET Technical Center is a directorate that provide technical services to the upstream aspects of NILEPET operations in technical specialties of Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering.


To assist NILEPET top management in enacting informed technical decisions,

To support and conduct in-house technical Studies for NILEPET,

To provide technical services to the Well site Operations,

To manage and store technical data for NILEPET,

To participate in petroleum related data acquisition and processing.

Departmental activities

Technical services department.

  • Manages and store technical data for NILEPET,
  • Manages NILEPET technical capability in terms of software technology,
  • Provide technical support to wellsite and petrophysical operations.

Geophysical survey department.

  • Provide technical support in the field of Geophysical data acquisition,
  • Manages geodetic information related to Geographical Information System (GIS),
  • Carry out seismic data processing and interpretation for prospect evaluation.

Technical studies department.

Carry out technical in-house studies related to:

  • Geophysics, geological modeling, and petrophysical and basin analysis,
  • Reservoir engineering aspects,
  • Drilling, facilities and production engineering.

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