The role of Operations department is to implement drilling projects for both Exploration and Development departments and field operations in other departments; currently, the department’s role is to plan, monitor and evaluate the JOCs related operations which include:

  1. Well planning
  2. Wells drilling operations (exploration, development and water wells for the local community).
  3. Coordination of Contractors and Reporting.
  4. Geology Operations (Wireline logging, Mud Logging, Coring etc).
  5. Wells completion.
  6. Rigs inspection.
  7. Workover operations.
  8. Material Supply (Fuel, spare parts, chemicals, drilling mud materials cementing materials etc).
  9. Construction activities (roads, well pads, water treatment projects, production facilities like Power Plants (PP), Pipeline, Storage etc).
  10. Waste management (Environmental monitoring and remediation)

Well Drilling Rig and Wireline Logging Operations

Work-over Rig/Wells Maintenance



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