Depots Activities

The NILE PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NILEPET) is a Statutory Public Corporation with storage Depots facilities for the storage of oil and petrochemical products and from which these products are usually transported to end users or further storage facilities. An oil Depot typically has tank-age, either above ground or below ground, and gantries for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles or pipelines.

Depot department operates three (3) Fuel Depots--two in Juba with approximate capacity of 2.2 million liters in Gabat and Jebel  and one in Wau with approximate capacity of 3 million liters.

NILEPET Depots are responsible for provision of Diesel and petrol Fuel. We are providing storage, operations and safety in accordance with regulatory and international requirements

NILE PETROLEUM CORPORATION has acquired lands in the following areas for currently and future investments and installations of new Depots. i.e.  Wau, Tonj, Kuajok, Awiel, Renk, Malakal and Bentiu and we are engaging other states in the entire country to provide suitable land for our vision of 2022 to construct more Depots.

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