Training of Engineers in Oil Sector

Picture: Welcoming of Managing Director by LPG Staff in Jebel.

Eng. Bol Ring calls for training of local engineers in the oil and gas sector. Without proper capacity building of South Sudanese engineers and staff to take over in the nearest future, we will not take control of the sector. Therefore, he assured of his leadership commitment to invest more on trainings that would update the skills and capacity of the staff. The capacity building training of staff wouldn’t be only meant for staff to work in oil sector in South Sudan, but to also provide appropriate training that would enable South Sudanese staff to work in different part of the world in oil sector, said the MD.

Picture:  Welcoming of Managing Director by Jebel Depot Staff

The Issue of Salaries

The Managing Director said that he understands the challenges facing the staff in term of lower salaries. He proposed that NILEPET should introduce new cooperative system to make food items available for sale with affordable prices for the staff as staff salary is not sufficient enough to sustain families in this difficult market.

Extending Cooking Gas to States Level

The Managing Director has requested that NILEPET cooking Gas program shouldn’t only be benefiting the citizens in Juba but all the citizens across the ten (10) states of South Sudan.